Group Benefits will Boost Employee Morale

In these financially strained economic times and with the confusion surrounding the affordable care act, it’s important to keep your employees’ morale boosted with well-provided group benefits.

Group benefits

Both employees and the employer gain advantage from having a group benefit program – it’s not just a benefit to your staff.

Advantages for employers include tax deductible expenditures; attraction for qualified employees; a healthy workforce, and the fact that group benefits can be provided in exchange for monetary compensation. There are a lot of different group benefits available to purchase for you and your employees here are just a few;

  • Group Dental coverage
  • Group disability (short & long term) programs
  • Group life insurance
  • Group vision
  • HSA accounts

What are the costs to provide these group benefits to our employees?

group benefitsAny business decision the most valuable question is “what is the cost”? The answer is surprising; it is very inexpensive to offer these benefits to your employees and some times practically free. Depending on whether you elect volunteer group benefit coverage or involuntary group benefit coverage it can range from nothing more that deducting the amount from your employees paycheck to pennies on the dollar for valuable coverage.

 Different group benefits can mean even more benefits, depending on what they are.

While times may be tough for businesses it is also for your employees, it’s important to keep good workers around by continuing to offer them valuable benefits. Whether you offer group health insurance for your employees or are just offering them group benefits to help take the sting out of the large deductibles being offered for individual health insurance, it is important to be aware of your employees circumstances. For more information on great group benefits at great rates for you, contact us today! We’re Safeguard Insurance, an independent insurance agency based in Contoocook, New Hampshire.

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